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Photos of Ladies Kurta Designs
September 1st, 2010
images of women's kurta
Ladies Kurta

Ladies kurta is traditional dress of Indian culture. Some time it is called as Churidar . A Churidar Salwar is a baggy drawstring trouser that bunch up tightly along the lower calf. Chudidars are usually fine muslins or cottons, in white color. But now day it comes in various colours and designs.

It looks nice on formal and informal occasions but it defines various fashion statements too, its ladies Kurta. 
Ladies Kurta is garment from India but getting popular in western countries as well.

Ladies Kurtas are worn by women on the upper half of their bodies and it is available with a large variety of styles.

Kurta is a Persian/Urdu word. It means a collarless shirt. It is a traditional type of dress worn generally by the people of Indian sub-continents. Kurta was used to be one of the main clothing for the natives of Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.
ladies kurta designs
White Kurta-Black thread Embroidery
women's wear kurta designs
Black Ladies Kurta

The fabric used in Kurtis mainly depend upon the seasons. Summer Kurtis are made of cotton fibers or thin silk threads. These are very light weight and soft. Winter Kurtis are made of thicker fabric such as wool or Khadi silk, a thick, coarse, hand spun and hand-woven mixed with other fibers. Winter Kurtis provide style, fashion along with protection from cold.

Ladies Kurtas are very suitable for formal wear. They go well with pants, jeans, capris or even skirts. They can be worn in every occasion for their elegant look. One can find them in various materials in simple or designer patterns.

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