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250x300 2 The Truth About Powering Your Car with Water

Water for Fuel- Real or Hoax?

You’ve heard about all the “water car” frenzy, right? Now the biggest question is whether this is for REAL or just a hoax. Even though I was skeptical, I purchased a book to learn how to make my own water fuel device and install it on my car.

I read the book and bought the components -the booked showed me from where to order them. And, over a weekend I did the upgrade myself. I followed the simple instructions and I had the water fuel device installed in my car in no time! It worked! I could see how the water was working inside the HHO jar.

Increase MPG

Now… time for a test-drive. I couldn’t believe my eyes! My MPG was increased by about 60% and I had not started using all the secrets in the book to further increase MPG. So … Now I’m a Believer.


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