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It doesn’t take much looking around to notice the harmful effects of global warming. Today, however, numerous products we use commonly can provide global warming solutions to combat global warming and its harmful effects on the earth.

Global warming solutions

Green vehicles run on clean electricity

1. Transportation. Green vehicles are one of the key ideas to reduce greenhouse gases. These low or zero-carbon emission vehicles utilize alternative fuels, and some referred to as “hybrid” cars, run on electricity. Aside from saving the earth’s atmosphere, these vehicles also help save fuel — making them more economically sound. Many car manufacturers have come up with their own versions for hybrid cars and green vehicles, such as the Nissan Leaf electric car, the Toyota Prius, Chevrolet Volt and Ford Focus Electric.

Is global warming real

The Energy Star label indicates a product that meets high standards of energy efficiency

2. Devices and gadgets. Products that don’t use energy greedily can significantly help reduce greenhouse gases. Electronic devices that save energy are readily available and they usually come with a blue “energy star” sticker. When buying laptops, stereos, televisions and other devices, this blue sticker assures you that you are directly helping reduce greenhouse gases. Many other gadgets have built-in solar additions, which can be quite handy when staying outdoors, like solar-powered lights, outdoor speakers and even camcorders.

Other noteworthy green gadgets are those that are made from recyclable materials and are energy efficient at the same time, such as the Asus Ecobook made from recyclable plastic and covered with bamboo. Sony’s OLED (organic light emitting diode) television is also a green-friendly device using state of the art carbon-based technology. Samsung’s Blue Earth mobile phone, made out of recycled plastic is not an exception, featuring a stylish full touch screen, pedometer and solar panels at the back.

3. Building Green. Few people know that houses contribute to the rising carbon dioxide levels. In the U.S. alone, houses contribute to 38 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. Various green building practices are available to reduce the level of these emissions, such as using solar panels or solar chargers, using quickly renewable sources and recyclable materials to build, and designing houses in such a way that warming and cooling can easily be achieved naturally with sunlight and breezes.

Is global warming man made

Green products reduce environmental impact of everyday activities around the home

4. Household Equipment. A handful of eco-friendly household equipment is out in the market to lessen household work, as well as the carbon emissions. Green vacuum cleaners, such as the Ultra Silencer Green, boast of energy-efficiency functionality. Solar-powered robotic automowers, like the Automower from Husqvarna, mow the lawn for you without wasting diesel or petroleum. Another notable device for those that hate cold days is the Eco-Heater, which uses less than a third of electricity compared to conventional space heaters.

Check out this very interesting video on the topic…

5. Food.  Now here’s one that may surprise you. Check it out!

Stay informed; stay healthy!




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